14 Mar

SAP Change Control: Do SAP COE Teams Need to Shift Focus?

14th March 2018
2:00pm EDT (New York, United States)
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Digital Transformation is filtering through to the SAP COE. The expectancy is that change throughput will increase. Pressure to manage higher volumes of change at higher velocity with no reduction in quality is anticipated. But with most SAP COE’s set up with support as its primary focus, how is this going to work?

In this webinar, sponsored by Revelation Software Concepts, the issue of the SAP COE’s having to shift focus is addressed. What is driving the shift, and what change may be required and how overall transformation of the SAP COE to achieve the shift can be realized.

Key learning points:

  • What the existing SAP support team focus is, and why.
  • How digital transformation will require a shift in SAP COE focus.
  • Why a transference of cost away from support to innovation should be anticipated.
  • How an SAP change control automation platform can accelerate the transformation.
  • We look forward to seeing you at this not to be missed webinar.

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