05 Apr

Calculating the Cost of Managing SAP Change

5th April 2017
2:00pm EDT (New York, United States)
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Most organizations have little insight into the costs associated with managing their SAP change control process. The costs are significant – ranging from approximately $100 to $250 per SAP change.

These costs are not the development, configuration and testing costs, but the overhead cost of managing SAP changes from the initial approvals and tracking to being confirmed in the SAP production system.

Once the costs have been identified, an organization can begin to analyze process improvement alternatives in order to reduce their cost of SAP change management – while also improving outcomes in the areas of SAP change volume, velocity and quality.

With all of the pressure on SAP IT teams to deliver more changes at a faster pace while reducing the delivery cost, organizations need to transform their SAP change management processes in order to support enterprise-wide Agile and DevOps initiatives.

Please join us for our 30 minute webinar to learn how to quickly calculate your organization’s cost of SAP change management.

During the webinar we’ll cover:

  • Why discovering your organization’s cost of managing SAP change is important
  • An overview of the primary SAP change management costs
  • A demonstration of an SAP cost of change workbook that enables SAP customers to determine their cost of managing SAP change (provided to attendees via email after webinar)
  • A brief interactive survey to determine the attendees’ “back of the envelope” cost of managing SAP change

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