Version Vault – Object Repository

Store, rescue, browse and analyze the object repository of any SAP system with Version Vault

  • Centralized repository for the custom ABAP and data dictionary objects contained in all SAP systems
  • Browse an intuitive hierarchy of each of your SAP system’s multitude of objects with easy navigation and visualization of each object content, detail and history
  • Restore a system or refresh a system from another (even development) and still have a copy of the prior state for reference, comparison or audit

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Life Saver – Object Auto-Save

Rescue unsaved SAP ABAP work with Life Saver

  • Automatic periodic snapshots of unreleased objects for authors to view, compare or salvage – even if the original system is lost. Point-in-time snapshots of active code, which can be viewed and compared with a current version or restored to a better state
  • View a recent snapshot of your development even if a system is down, destroyed or unavailable

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Other Applications


SAP Landscape Management Tools

Minimize production system incidents and improve testing integrity. Quickly compare code versions across multiple systems, see all current work-in-progress or identify forgotten or abandoned work. Keep systems in order and prevent future accidental error and production incidents.

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ABAP Developer Utilites

Increase development efficiencies and code quality. Whether the need is to locate particular code, identify the locations of code errors, find programs, keep an eye on specific objects or compare object versions line by line to find the differences, the ABAP Developer Utilities are an invaluable developer resource.

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