Matrix – System Comparison

Compare systems to understand your SAP landscape integrity with Matrix

  • Compare your custom objects across multiple SAP systems by analyzing every object in every system and then allowing you to quickly see object differences between systems
  • Filter the results to identify out-of-sync objects and then drill down on specific objects to see the detail of each difference
  • Visualize and quantify any differential between Development, Quality Assurance and Production

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WIP Window

WIP Window – Work-In-Progress

View work-in-progress changes not yet moved to production with WIP Window

  • Explore unreleased changes in Development as well as changes not yet moved to Production
  • See what is going on now, changes that need to be completed, tested and deployed
  • Better control your team’s workloads

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Cold Case

Cold Case – Stagnant Transports

Protect SAP Production systems by identifying stagnant, forgotten or abandoned work with Cold Case

  • Ensure the stability of your Production system by identifying work that may have been forgotten or abandoned
  • Explore your aging developments across all systems and see the history of each aged development
  • Find and resurrect important developments that have been lost or forgotten

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Other Applications


ABAP Developer Utilites

Increase development efficiencies and code quality. Whether the need is to locate particular code, identify the locations of code errors, find programs, keep an eye on specific objects or compare object versions line by line to find the differences, the ABAP Developer Utilities are an invaluable developer resource.

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SAP Object Repository Applications

Minimize program or system loss repercussions. Access any SAP system’s custom object repository for rebuilding the entire system, for single object analysis or for simple browsing. Unique object auto-saving application means previous states can be recovered quickly in the event of an unexpected loss.

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