Salt Matrix – System Comparison

Watch Matrix compare custom objects across multiple SAP systems by analysing every object in every system, and see how users quickly see object differences between systems e.g. Development, Quality Assurance and Production. Filter the results to identify out-of-sync objects and then drill down to see the detail.

Salt WIP Window – Work In Progress

Watch how exploring unreleased changes in Development as well as understanding the state of changes not yet moved to Production from QAS, users can quickly see what is going on now, what changes need to be completed, tested and deployed and how team leaders can better control their team’s workloads.

Salt Cold Case – Stagnant Transports

Take a quick look at how Cold Case can help prevent work that is lost or forgotten from ever getting to Production by identifying the work and enabling investigation into its details. Decisions regarding removal, completion or promotion can then be made resulting in an important clean up and the rescue of thousands of hours of development.

Salt Code Ferret – ABAP Code Search

See Code Ferret provide a rapid, “Google-like” search of the ABAP source code across SAP systems using the latest indexing and fast search technology. Watch how a user can enter searches with wild cards and various other advanced search options and get ranked list output to rapidly find the exact line of code.

Salt Watch Bot – Change Monitoring

See how Watch Bot can alert users when named SAP system events (up/down, restore, copy) or custom versionable object changes (by system, development class/package, type, name or author) occur according to alert requirements.

Salt Match Box – Object Comparison

See how Match Box allows users to diff (compare) SAP objects enabling comparison of an object with another version of itself, or with a different object. Diff objects across systems, versions and even other objects and see the results as a unified view – highlighting lines and words added, deleted or changed.

Salt Version Vault – Object Repository

Watch how Version Vault is used to create an intuitive hierarchy of each of your SAP systems multitude of objects and allows easy navigation and visualisation of the object content, detail and history.

Salt Life Saver – Object Auto-Save

Watch how to use Life Saver to search and identify automatic periodic snapshots of unreleased objects for an author to view, compare or salvage, even if the original system is lost.