Code Ferret – ABAP Code Search

Rapidly search your SAP ABAP source code in any system with Code Ferret

  • “Google-like” searching of ABAP custom code across all your SAP systems
  • Rapidly search all custom code across all your systems
  • Drill down to the full source of every object

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Watch Bot – Change Monitoring

Configure automated SAP change and system alerts with Watch Bot event monitoring

  • Receive email notifications when defined activity is detected as systems are monitored for predetermined activity. For example, detect manual changes in Quality Assurance or Production, or when a particular system goes down, or is restored from a backup
  • Monitor complex objects or complete development classes for change alerts

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Match Box – Object Comparison

Compare objects to instantly show differences between versions with Match Box

  • Compare objects across systems, versions and even other objects
  • See object comparison results in a unified view – highlighting lines and words added, deleted or changed
  • Check the potential impact of a proposed overwrite by comparing the two versions in question before approving or rejecting an import

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Other Applications


SAP Landscape Management Tools

Minimize production system incidents and improve testing integrity. Quickly compare code versions across multiple systems, see all current work-in-progress or identify forgotten or abandoned work. Keep systems in order and prevent future accidental error and production incidents.

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SAP Object Repository Applications

Minimize program or system loss repercussions. Access any SAP system’s custom object repository for rebuilding the entire system, for single object analysis or for simple browsing. Unique object auto-saving application means previous states can be recovered quickly in the event of an unexpected loss.

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