SAP change control automation software for even the most complex SAP environments

SAP change intelligence software providing instant visibility into SAP custom code changes


SAP change intelligence automation. It’s quick, simple and makes a difference.

We know you will find Salt simply “awesome”. Whether it’s checking coding standards, keeping systems in sync, comparing code versions or just gaining amazing insights into code sequencing across the SAP landscape, you will definitely wonder what you did before you had it – life will never be the same again!

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A Complete Suite Of Applications

SAP Landscape Management Tools

Minimize production system incidents and improve testing integrity. Quickly compare code versions across multiple systems, see all current work-in-progress or identify forgotten or abandoned work. Keep systems in order and prevent future accidental error and production incidents.

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ABAP Developer Utilities

Increase development efficiencies and code quality. Whether the need is to locate particular code, identify the locations of code errors, find programs, keep an eye on specific objects or compare object versions line by line to find the differences, the ABAP Developer Utilities are an invaluable developer resource.

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SAP Object Repository Applications

Minimize program or system loss repercussions. Access any SAP system’s custom object repository for rebuilding the entire system, for single object analysis or for simple browsing. Unique object auto-saving application means previous states can be recovered quickly in the event of an unexpected loss.

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