Rev-Trac 7 Release Management Workbench

Managing releases simply and easily can now be achieved through the Rev-Trac 7 Release Management Workbench. Add, subtract and assign changes flexibly with drag and drop functionality, and go-live safely with single click release approvals with OOPS checks. This short video illustrates the release management workbench.

Rev-Trac 7 Web UI

The Rev-Trac 7 Web UI is a clean and crisp responsive web based user interface that enables users to interact with Rev-Trac simply and intuitively. This short video demonstrates the interface.

Rev-Trac 7 Mobile Approvals

Mobile approvals mean that being out of the office is no longer the hold-up to workflow it might be today. Regardless of device, creating, viewing and approving change requests while on the go is easy. This short video illustrates Rev-Trac’s mobile approval functionality.

Rev-Trac Enforcement

You can define best practice processes for controlling your SAP changes, but will users always follow them? They will with Rev-Trac. Watch how Rev-Trac can enforce compliance to a range of change control processes and activities.

Rev-Trac Overtake and Overwrite Protection System (OOPS)

Parallel development often results in unexpected and unintended production incidents. See how Rev-Trac eliminates a major cause of system damage by preventing unwanted overtaking and overwriting of changes.

Rev-Trac Systems and Clients Comparison Report

Copies, refreshes and restores make it difficult to compare systems and clients solely to the basis of what changes have been sent. See how Rev-Trac’s system/client comparison report allows you to compare systems and clients quickly and with complete accuracy using either live or historical data.

Rev-Trac Cross System Locking

Identifying parallel development at the beginning of a development cycle can prevent serious incidents later on. See how the Rev-Trac locking system minimizes sequence errors and prevents accidental migration of untested changes by enforcing object and configuration locks across SAP systems.

Rev-Trac Auto Request and Cloning System

Capturing all BAU support and emergency changes for reapplication into parallel project or release tracks can be difficult. See how Rev-Trac can help you address the reapplication challenges involved in managing a project or release track while running a concurrent production support stream.