Dana Incorporated Case Study

“Pre-work on approval flows was crucial. With these roadmaps in hand and assistance from the Revelation Software Concepts team, it was a good experience.”

Mark Sievert, SAP Production Change Manager, Dana Incorporated

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Minerals and Metals Group Case Study

“The software and tools that come with Rev-Trac are fantastic for managing change across our SAP landscapes.”

Matt Dalrymple, System Administrator, Minerals and Metals Group

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Global 500 Retail Company Case Study

“We were able to move more quality-driven change to our production environment in a consistent and more frequent fashion.”

Lead Engineer, Global 500 Retail Company

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Fortune 500 Health Care Services Company Case Study

“It was relatively easy to implement Rev-Trac and we were able to roll out the implementation when we were ready. We were up and running within 2 weeks from our initial implementation.”

Senior IT Manager, Fortune 500 Global Health Care Services Company

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Manufacturing Industry Case Study

“Changing regulatory requirements, more complex business demands and rapid company growth led to rising production incident counts and problems with IT audits. Management tasked the IT team to find the best way to mitigate these problems, tighten system control and improve reliability and system availability.”

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Utility and Energy Industry Case Study

“Because of our highly regulated industry, we absolutely did not want any surprises – we needed to plan our work carefully. The Rev-Trac implementation consultant was key to helping us understand what we needed to do to assure success in each phase of the implementation.”

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Valero Case Study

“In the last couple of years, our auditors had only 10 questions from a year’s worth of changes. Rev-Trac took us right to the answers; we showed the auditors, and not one question turned into an exception.”

Martin Rivera, Rev-Trac Team Leader, HR/CRM, Valero

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Health Care Industry Case Study

“At the end of the 5-day Rev-Trac Consulting period, all tasks were complete and the organization’s internal IT team took over the reins for both day-to-day administration and any anticipated future changes needed by the business.”

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SCA Case Study

“We have complete control over critical transports – Rev-Trac notifies us when conflicts may occur so we avoid emergencies entirely.”

Dirk Hermann, Manager Quality Assurance, Customer Competence Centre, SCA

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Textron Case Study

“It’s so easy to stay ‘by the book’, our people don’t even go looking for shortcuts anymore. Rev-Trac tracks and enforces approvals throughout the process, so there’s never any confusion. It eliminates chasing after people for signatures and we always have visibility and accountability.”

Bhaskar Ramachandran, Manager, SAP Technology, Textron

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CHEP Case Study

“Rev-Trac has made a very significant contribution to our ability to carry out two major SAP projects in a highly volatile environment. Rev-Trac has helped us mitigate the risks and has helped us get a much better understanding of the changes that we’re managing.”

Susan Cannington, Basis Team Member and Infrastructure Project Lead, CHEP

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Hanson Case Study

“Overtakers and overwrites should now be a thing of the past. And we’ll have no difficulty showing auditors that we can trace the full history of every change.”

Wolfgang Kloger, Information Planning Manager, Hanson

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