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SAP change intelligence software providing instant visibility into SAP custom code changes

Rev-Trac Extension Package

If you operate in a specialist industry, sometimes you need a little ‘extra’ to meet your specific SAP change control requirements. Extend the reach and functionality of Rev-Trac with our Rev-Trac Extension Package.

Extend beyond the standard:

  • SAP CTS+
  • Rev-Trac ABAP OOPS
  • SAP ALV Reporting

Browser GUI Access

Maybe you want to extend Rev-Trac to include change management service desk recording, or provide easy access to business users who may not log onto standard SAP often, or approve a request whilst away from your desk or on the road.

Non SAP CTS + Package Deployment

Sometimes using CTS+ is not an option but non ABAP packages still need to be deployed. Rev-Trac auto deployment can be extended to include a range of non ABAP packages and even non SAP system package deployments independently of CTS+.

Rev-Trac OOPS +

Rev-Trac is famous for its Overtake and Overwrite Protection System (OOPS) to detect and block collisions before they occur. However you may want to extend this beyond ABAP objects to include SAP non ABAP packages or even non SAP application packages.


An enormous amount of change control data is collected and stored in Rev-Trac. Creating easy to read, drilldown dashboards to ensure you know the real time status of each and every change, the status of a current release or on-going project, can help you maintain that additional sense of control when needed.

Rev-Trac Connection Package

Enhance the value of existing ALM tool set investments by integrating Rev-Trac with other SAP and third party Application Lifecycle Management tool sets. Envisage a fully automated process from Service Desk request right through to object deployment for productive use.


Enhance your process with:

  • Automated Service Desk Integration
  • Automated Testing and Requirements Management Integration
  • Automated Code Quality and Change Impact Analysis Integration
  • SAP Solution Manager Application Integration

Service Desk Integration

Ensure a complete audit trail from initial change request right through to SAP objects changed to fulfil the request through automatic bi-directional data exchange from one application to another. Service Desk integrations completed by Rev-Trac users include ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, SAP ITSM Service Desk and Microsoft Share Point.

Traceability for every ITIL generated change request

Automated Testing Suite Integration

Automated testing combined with automated SAP change control has been shown to reduce undetected error rates by over 50%. Full integration creates an automated testing enforcement on relevant changes and creates an automated audit trail from test script to test result and test acceptance. Available integrations include HPQC and SAP Solution Manager TAO.

Reduction in undetected errors into Production systems

Code Quality and Impact Analysis

Enforce the use and value of existing ALM tool set investments through enforced use. No more short cuts or developer workarounds with integrated code quality and impact analysis. Pick up code and integration errors early and significantly reduce development and production costs. Available integrations include Virtual Forge Code Profiler, IntelliCorp LiveCompare and SAP Solution Manager BPCA and Code Inspector.

SAP Solution Manager Integrations

Rev-Trac fits right into your Solution Manager strategy. Rev-Trac can be integrated with many SAP Solution Manager Applications such as Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA), ITIL Service Desk, Code Inspector and Test Automation Optimizer (TAO), to create a standard Rev-Trac change control workflow.