Rev-Trac Consulting Services:

  • Installation and Training Services
  • Configuration Services
  • System Health Check Review Services

Consulting Whitepaper

Rev-Trac Consulting: Risk, Complexity and Budgeting for a Rev-Trac Implementation

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Consulting Case Study

Rev-Trac: A Straightforward SAP Change Control Implementation

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Rev-Trac Consulting Services

Specialized Rev-Trac Consultants can work with you to ensure
Rev-Trac configuration is matched to user requirements and functionality is maximized

Rev-Trac Installation and Training Services

Installation and Training Services

Onsite installation and training services ensures Rev-Trac is installed correctly, administrators are trained to configure Rev-Trac and users are familiar with the product. Three installation and training packages are available:

  • Basic (5 days onsite)
    Completion of technical installation, configuration of a prototype change control process and intensive Rev-Trac administrator training plus additional Rev-Trac administration configuration support and advice

  • Fast Start - Standard (10 days onsite)
    Includes the Basic package plus 5 days extended onsite consulting

  • Extended Consulting (as required)
    Includes the Fast Start package plus further extended support (remote or onsite) to provide Rev-Trac administration configuration support and advice through until productive use

Extended Training Services

Are you already an existing Rev-Trac customer and looking for additional training? Three training packages are available:

  • Basic Administrator Training
    Designed for new support users to be transitioned into the Rev-Trac administrator role

  • Advanced Administrator Training
    Designed for new support users requiring extensive training to be transitioned into the Rev-Trac administrator role

  • Remote Training
    Provides access to training sessions and remote assistance on specific configuration development requests

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Rev-Trac Configuration Services

Onsite or remote configuration services to support Rev-Trac configuration efforts including:

  • General configuration support package
    Provides onsite review of new change control process requirements, assistance with creating configuration entries to incorporate change process into Rev-Trac and be given assistance in developing a test and execution plan

  • Release management configuration support package
    Receive assistance in developing configuration to support a complex release management change control process across complex system (N and N+1 or greater) landscapes

  • Change control project planning package
    Provides a project plan template and advice to implement complex system change control processes

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Rev-Trac System Health Check Review Services

Have an expert review the health of your Rev-Trac system to ensure functionality is maximized. Two health check services are available:

  • Basic health check review
    Provides an evaluation of current health check report, recommendations to reduce major errors of health report, recommendations for unused Rev-Trac features and the improvement impacts to the change control process

  • Extensive health check review
    Includes the Basic health check review package, plus the Rev-Trac consultant will work either onsite or remotely to implement the recommendations

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