Will There be a SolMan 7.3?

solmanAfter wrapping up another SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference a few weeks ago, I started thinking about the future of SAP Solution Manager. My co-workers can attest that I have an unhealthy obsession with the history and future of SolMan. Our booth was positioned directly across from an SAP Hybris and C4C consulting company and we were able to talk shop in between booth activity. It was interesting to understand that from their perspective, SAP’s on premise CRM is on the tail end of its lifecycle. This sentiment was echoed by other SAP partners, as in this HANA presentation where the presenter talked about upcoming demise of SAP SCM and CRM, in favor of newer applications such as Hybris. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise since SAP has notified their customers that support for ECC 6.0 will end in 2025.

But what about SAP Solution Manager, which has many components based on SAP CRM? SAP has guaranteed support for SolMan 7.2 through 2025, so that aligns with support for ECC 6.0. Does that mean SolMan 7.2 will be the last major release of SAP Solution Manager? At least the on premise version of SolMan that we’re all familiar with? Or will SAP continue the SolMan functionality by moving it to the cloud and base it on new, SAP cloud-based applications? If that’s the direction, will there be a migration plan from the on premise version to a cloud version?

According to the latest SAP Solution Manager Roadmap, the future direction for SolMan is “SAP Solution Manager runs on the SAP HANA platform”. SAP isn’t providing any timelines or next version numbers for SolMan which is a little odd, considering that the next version has always been heavily promoted prior to its release.

So I left SAPPHIRE NOW with all these questions about the future of SolMan. Lots of questions, but not many answers. We’d love to hear from you, so if you have information or opinions, let us know at sales@xrsc.com.

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