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The Future of Business IT Applications

Last week an Infographic landed on my desk illustrating recent RedHat sponsored UBM research around the future of business IT applications. What caught my eye was the way the Gartner Bi-Modal IT concept was used to describe the different kinds of IT applications in play, rather than focussing on the way the different application types were managed – perhaps the area we normally speak into.

Is the End of the Enterprise IT System Nigh?

I very much doubt it, but with IT team’s inability to speed it up to the satisfaction of the business to meet the speed of change experience available from digital applications, the enterprise will look very different. In fact, it already does.

Speeding Up the SAP IT Enterprise – Part 2

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been spending time speaking with analysts from a range of firms on this subject of speeding up the enterprise and the conversations have been extremely interesting. One thing I shared with the analysts was our observations of the differential between the percentage of SAP IT support teams that are feeling pressure from the business to ‘speed up’ and the percentage of teams that were doing anything about it.

Got A Minute? Two-Speed IT – Closing The Gap

You may have heard of the term ‘Two-Speed IT’ where the enterprise ‘back-end’ can run at one speed and the ‘front-end’ digital applications can run at another, faster speed.

So if you’ve got a minute, take a quick look at this 1 minute video to see what SAP support and project teams will need to consider to close the two-speed IT gap.