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Will There be a SolMan 7.3?

After wrapping up another ASUG & SAPPHIRENOW Annual Conference a few weeks ago, I became obsessed with the future of SAP Solution Manager. My co-workers can attest that I have an unhealthy obsession with the history and future of SolMan. Our booth was positioned directly across from an SAP Hybris and C4C consulting company and we had some time to talk shop in between booth activity. It was interesting to understand that from their perspective, SAP’s on premise CRM is on the tail end of its lifecycle. This sentiment was echoed by other SAP partners, as in this HANA presentation where the presenter talks about upcoming demise of SAP SCM and CRM, in favor of newer applications such as Hybris. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise since SAP has notified their customers that support for ECC 6.0 will end in 2025.

Feeling the Buzz at SAPPHIRE NOW

Just back from another SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference and my head is filled with all the latest buzzwords. We heard much about “Digital Transformation”, “Cloud” (Public, Private and Hybrid), “Leonardo”, “DevOps”, “Agile Development” and of course “S/4 HANA”. I was a little surprised to hear so much of the “A.I.” term being widely used.

Important Solution Manager 7.2 Decisions

It’s always great to catch up with SAP customers at the SAP TechEd event, since customers are very good at providing a “no spin” point of view regarding new SAP developments. Many SAP customers which we spoke with are aware that they will have to upgrade to Solution Manger 7.2 by the end of 2017, and of course TechEd is a great place to get information regarding the potential benefits and impact of that upgrade. Upgrade options for SAP customers running Solution Change and Request Manager (ChaRM) was a popular topic of conversation since SAP change management has such a large impact on SAP operations.

Rev-Trac Integration Available in the ServiceNow Store (and Other News From Knowledge 16)

We wrapped up a really successful presence at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 16 event last week in Las Vegas. ServiceNow has a wide-ranging set of customers and what unifies them is that IT is critical to their go-to-market strategy. ServiceNow helps them manage their IT services and keep them as trouble-free as possible. We attended the event because we’re one of the first ServiceNow Store partners, where they feature the Rev-Trac/ServiceNow integration. Officially launched at last year’s event, the ServiceNow Store is a place where people can discover and purchase apps and integrations from ServiceNow’s rapidly growing partner ecosystem.

Audits & Compliance in Mexico

We recently traveled to Mexico City to participate with our Latin American Rev-Trac Partner, Carlos Martinez of Outliers, as an exhibitor at the 2016 SAP Forum Mexico (the biggest SAP event in Mexico, February 11 at the Expo Bancomer Santa Fe Congress Center). Booth traffic was very brisk and we were able to meet and have great conversations with a large number of local organization representatives.

Greetings from SAP TechEd Barcelona!

I always look forward to my annual trek from Australia to SAP TechEd Barcelona. Let’s face it, Europeans are different from Americans and this is also true in their choice of infrastructure adoption, so conversation at the booth is always interesting. I’ve been particularly struck by the conversations I’ve had this year around the popularity of Linux in Europe, because RSC is promoting the newly introduced Salt v3.0, our popular SAP change intelligence software.

Greetings & News From SAP TechEd Las Vegas!

Each year RSC journeys to Las Vegas, where the SAP community gathers at SAP TechEd to stay up to speed on the strategy and future direction of SAP products and services. SAP TechEd is an ideal venue to announce new things related to the same, and so this year we announced v3.0 of Salt, our popular SAP change intelligence software!

We’ve had a really great response to this new version of Salt. The focus of most of our Salt related conversations at the booth has been around Salt v3.0’s new installation alternatives to the default RSC Core VM deployment. Briefly, here they are…

Insights from SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando 2015

Most of the RSC team (except our US-based members) have returned to the other side of the world, and while it’s fresh in my mind I wanted to share some observations from this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual conference.

Greetings from SAPPHIRE NOW

I always look forward to SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference because of the endless opportunities to learn from and share with attendees at the booth. If they’re at the Revelation Software Concepts booth – then we’re talking about change control and how important it is to have insight into your systems.