SAP change control automation software for even the most complex SAP environments

SAP change intelligence software providing instant visibility into SAP custom code changes

Preventing Unplanned SAP Production Outages

It goes without saying that unplanned SAP production outages are costly. That’s why many SAP customers spend large amounts on ensuring high availability and redundancy. Eliminating single points of failure ensure continuous up time. But those infrastructures, no matter where they exist are still subject to accidental production downtime. Whether on premise or in the cloud, SAP systems are still at risk from poorly managed SAP change activities.

Software Stability – The Cornerstone of Success

How long is long enough in productive use for you to say beyond doubt that an enterprise software application was a good (or bad) investment? 3, 5, 7, 10 years? More? I think most IT professionals would agree that 5 years of stable, productive use – without disruptive upgrades or re-launches – makes it a good investment so long as your software can adapt to your evolving requirements. So how stable is your current change management solution?

SAP Change Control ROI and the Cost of Large System Downtime

I’ve written before about how expensive the unexamined status quo can be and we held a well-attended webinar on the subject (available on demand), but real costs in solid, industry-wide numbers have been hard to come by. I’ve concentrated instead on how to determine solid ROI predictions for major projects in your own organization. For example, see our popular eBook on generating Metrics that Matter for ROI measurement.