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Is Your Z-Code Ready for SAP HANA?

In the rush to get to SAP’s HANA database, some customers have not given proper consideration to the Z-code that has been developed over the years and its compatibility with the new DB. During the initial SAP implementation, nearly every company that I know of was “special” in some way and choose not to go with the SAP standard. Therefore, we all have substantial Z-code we used to fill that and other gaps in our processes. Now with the HANA DB on the scene, some are finding that post migration, some of their Z-code either won’t work or has some serious performance issues running on the HANA database.

What is Your SAP S/4 HANA Transition Plan?

In my role at Revelation Software Concepts I regularly brief the relevant analyst community on our SAP change control automation software roadmap. Quite often, due to our specialized knowledge I get asked my thoughts on SAP’s strategic directions and on various SAP Applications.

During my most recent series of analyst briefings I faced numerous questions around the topic of SAP HANA, S/4 HANA and SAP Cloud. What I learned this time is that analysts are very keen to understand SAP customer attitudes to S/4 HANA and what their plans are to transition.

So, what are we seeing SAP customer’s doing in transitioning from SAP ERP to S/4 and how can a change control automation software like Rev-Trac help?

Will There be a SolMan 7.3?

After wrapping up another ASUG & SAPPHIRENOW Annual Conference a few weeks ago, I became obsessed with the future of SAP Solution Manager. My co-workers can attest that I have an unhealthy obsession with the history and future of SolMan. Our booth was positioned directly across from an SAP Hybris and C4C consulting company and we had some time to talk shop in between booth activity. It was interesting to understand that from their perspective, SAP’s on premise CRM is on the tail end of its lifecycle. This sentiment was echoed by other SAP partners, as in this HANA presentation where the presenter talks about upcoming demise of SAP SCM and CRM, in favor of newer applications such as Hybris. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise since SAP has notified their customers that support for ECC 6.0 will end in 2025.

Is the End of the Enterprise IT System Nigh?

I very much doubt it, but with IT team’s inability to speed it up to the satisfaction of the business to meet the speed of change experience available from digital applications, the enterprise will look very different. In fact, it already does.

Spotlight on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server & SUSE Connect

We ran into SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, among other valued partners, at SAP TechEd Las Vegas in September. At RSC, we partnered early with SUSE through their innovative SUSE Connect program, where SUSE enterprise SAP users find tested, compatible add-ons and third-party software solutions. SUSE dominates Linux platforms that support SAP – in fact, SAP supports and recommends SUSE for SAP HANA, an important endorsement for enterprise users. SAP’s published HANA benchmarks were all taken on SUSE Linux platforms. Associations don’t get much closer.

Rev-Trac 7 Enhancement Pack – Support Package Stack 1 (RT7-SPS01)

This month, Revelation Software Concepts will be releasing the first major Rev-Trac 7 Enhancement Package, Support Package Stack 1 (RT7-SPS01). Among other things, it contains an emphasis on strengthening the Release Management Workbench, further integration of Rev-Trac with Salt, and introduces support for SAP HANA.

Got a Minute? Rev-Trac on SAP HANA

With the promise of accelerating the pace of innovation, SAP HANA has become a hot topic and we have seen many of our customers embark on HANA related projects. Because of its popularity we’re always asked how Rev-Trac works with it. So if you’ve got a minute, take a quick look at this 1 minute video to hear Software Consultant Chris Drake speaking on the subject.