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Automation and the Evolution of Manual Testing: User Experience in DevOps

I recently read a great analogy describing Waterfall vs DevOps. While Waterfall requires the team to be driving 4X4 vehicles to deliver their change across a landscape, DevOps requires an automation evangelist to pave smooth roadways so that the delivery team can drive supercars at fast pace across the landscape. One of the keys is around user experience, which has in the past been overlooked by many organizations in the enterprise space.

Got A Minute? SAPPHIRE NOW 2017

That’s a wrap at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017! It’s been a brilliant opportunity to learn about SAP trends, SAP roadmaps and customers plans.

Whilst on the show floor we did learn that customers are beginning to think about SAP DevOps and the path to SAP DevOps. Not surprising when almost all confessed to upcoming digital transformation projects and, of course, plans to leverage SAP HANA.

So if you’ve got a minute, take a quick look at this 1 minute video to see insights into SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP DevOps.

The Future of Business IT Applications

Last week an Infographic landed on my desk illustrating recent RedHat sponsored UBM research around the future of business IT applications. What caught my eye was the way the Gartner Bi-Modal IT concept was used to describe the different kinds of IT applications in play, rather than focussing on the way the different application types were managed – perhaps the area we normally speak into.

Tracking Rejections (Test Failures) During Testing

As an organization’s SAP DevOps processes mature, one would expect to find test failures being picked up earlier in the development process (‘shifting left’). Therefore tracking test failures and the reasons for the test failure is an important mechanism for management to be able to improve agility and speed of delivery. Recently while onsite with a customer, I was asked about a Rev-Trac reporting capacity for tracking rejections during the testing phase.

Got A Minute? SAP DevOps

When your SAP IT support team moves towards a DevOps development approach – which it will sooner or later – there are going to be some technical challenges.

So if you’ve got a minute, take a quick look at this 1 minute video to see these challenges and how they can be overcome.

Speeding Up the SAP IT Enterprise – Part 2

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been spending time speaking with analysts from a range of firms on this subject of speeding up the enterprise and the conversations have been extremely interesting. One thing I shared with the analysts was our observations of the differential between the percentage of SAP IT support teams that are feeling pressure from the business to ‘speed up’ and the percentage of teams that were doing anything about it.

Importance of Source Specific Migration with the Split SID Approach for Future Dual Stack Environments – Managing Changes not Transports

Often an SAP IT team needs to separate out their dual stack ABAP and JAVA SID into a multi SID application. Due to dependencies that often exist between the JAVA stack and the ABAP stack, managing individual transport dependencies will become even more complex in the future.

Dynamically Add QA Systems to a Change Request

In complex customer environments not every change request follows a standard migration path. Cloud based SAP environments (internal and external clouds) allow SAP teams to easily stand-up new systems or landscapes to support special projects, additional testing, etc. This can be too much of a good thing and significantly increase the challenge of flexibly delivering the right change to the correct systems – while keeping all systems in sync with changes delivered to Production.