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Adapt Your SAP Change Control Process To Survive

As many know, Revelation Software Concepts’ (RSC) focus is on developing world class change control automation software for SAP. Our flagship product, Rev-Trac is an ever-evolving automation platform to facilitate the simplification and transformation of managing SAP change. Regardless of an SAP IT team’s development or delivery method, Rev-Trac has evolved to ensure success.

Pathways to Accelerated SAP Change Delivery: Multi Path Development and Release Management

Over the last few posts I’ve been discussing some of the things SAP IT teams will need to address on their journey to accelerated SAP change delivery. In my previous post I explained the need for process maturity and process automation. This time, we will look at the value of multi path development and release management.

Checking the Box

We’ve been having more frequent conversations with SAP customers about “checking the box” when it comes to SAP change management. In this regard, checking the box means having a solution in place just so you can say that a solution is in place. As a customer’s SAP change management processes mature, they realize that their processes need to improve – maturing from a solution which meets the minimum requirements of audit, compliance and safety (e.g. for SAP Production systems), to a solution which supports the business with agile, continuous delivery capabilities.