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Is Your Z-Code Ready for SAP HANA?

In the rush to get to SAP’s HANA database, some customers have not given proper consideration to the Z-code that has been developed over the years and its compatibility with the new DB. During the initial SAP implementation, nearly every company that I know of was “special” in some way and choose not to go with the SAP standard. Therefore, we all have substantial Z-code we used to fill that and other gaps in our processes. Now with the HANA DB on the scene, some are finding that post migration, some of their Z-code either won’t work or has some serious performance issues running on the HANA database.

Déjà Vu at SAP TechEd – Everyone Wants to Know…

Our Salt integration with Rev-Trac (announced Monday here at SAP TechEd Las Vegas) is generating many of the same questions at our booth that I got at my recent webinar featuring our IGT Salt Case Study. How easy is Salt to install? What is the cost? That’s why I’m getting déjà vu at our booth.

Instantly Compare Workbench Object Conflicts with the Rev-Trac and Salt Integration

For many years SAP organization’s have struggled with parallel object sequencing, overwrites and downgrades. Particularly parallel objects across multiple development tracks, such as an N and N+1 architecture for separate Support and Project development. Naturally, a fully-fledged change control automation software will automate the retrofit or reapplication process between Support and Project tracks, while identifying and providing options for when retrofit conflicts do arise. However, there is normally a large amount of investigation required to discover the technical impact of retrofit conflicts when deciding an appropriate course of action.

What’s Your Favorite Salt Application?

When I ask Salt customers what their favorite Salt application is, the answer I hear most often is Code Ferret. Many have said that they have Code Ferret for searches because of its speed and ease of use, since the alternative methods are painfully complicated by comparison. But recently a developer told me his favorite Salt application is Matrix. I asked why and he said there’s simply no better way to keep his systems in sync.

Rev-Trac 7 – A Path to the Future of ALM

The dust is starting to settle since the release of Rev-Trac 7 late 2015. Many of our customers are adopting the new features and taking advantage of the new web UI. It is our goal to have all of our customers using Rev-Trac 7 Web UI and to have implemented Salt on their Rev-Trac controlled systems in time to receive the powerful third component of the Rev-Trac Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite due for release late 2016.

Greetings from SAP TechEd Barcelona!

I always look forward to my annual trek from Australia to SAP TechEd Barcelona. Let’s face it, Europeans are different from Americans and this is also true in their choice of infrastructure adoption, so conversation at the booth is always interesting. I’ve been particularly struck by the conversations I’ve had this year around the popularity of Linux in Europe, because RSC is promoting the newly introduced Salt v3.0, our popular SAP change intelligence software.

Greetings & News From SAP TechEd Las Vegas!

Each year RSC journeys to Las Vegas, where the SAP community gathers at SAP TechEd to stay up to speed on the strategy and future direction of SAP products and services. SAP TechEd is an ideal venue to announce new things related to the same, and so this year we announced v3.0 of Salt, our popular SAP change intelligence software!

We’ve had a really great response to this new version of Salt. The focus of most of our Salt related conversations at the booth has been around Salt v3.0’s new installation alternatives to the default RSC Core VM deployment. Briefly, here they are…

Greetings from SAPPHIRE NOW

I always look forward to SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference because of the endless opportunities to learn from and share with attendees at the booth. If they’re at the Revelation Software Concepts booth – then we’re talking about change control and how important it is to have insight into your systems.