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Déjà Vu at SAP TechEd – Everyone Wants to Know…

Our Salt integration with Rev-Trac (announced Monday here at SAP TechEd Las Vegas) is generating many of the same questions at our booth that I got at my recent webinar featuring our IGT Salt Case Study. How easy is Salt to install? What is the cost? That’s why I’m getting déjà vu at our booth.

A Little Art, a Little Science, and Rev-Trac

Have you felt lately like Alice in the Red Queen’s race? That’s when you have to run as fast as you can to stay in the same place. To get somewhere else, you have to run even faster. If you’ve been rushing harder and harder to keep up with changes coursing through your SAP systems, there’s a reason. IDC says companies push through twice as many changes now as they did in 2011. The pace will double again by 2017, they predict.

Code Freeze When Using Rev-Trac

This month we had an analyst ask us if a code freeze was still necessary during projects or upgrades when using Rev-Trac. This is quite topical and so I wanted to discuss the concept and the validity of a code freeze for an organization using Rev-Trac. A code freeze is a period where normal support changes are put on hold in a support track, typically in preparation for a project (such as an EHP upgrade) go-live.

High Risk or Sensitive Object Control

I’ve been working with a customer over the last few months who has been refining their change control processes for the first time since installing Rev-Trac in 2003. Speaking to the Rev-Trac administrators, they described their Rev-Trac configuration as being … Continued

SAP Transport of Copies and Extended Locking

About 2 years ago, we accommodated a customer request within Rev-Trac to make available an additional method of moving changes to be tested utilizing the standard SAP Transport of Copies (TOC) feature, through which the copy was migrated to QA instead of the original Development transport.