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Technical SAP Change Mapping to Reduce Support Costs and Improve System Stability

I recently caught up with an SAP support team manager at a customer who has been using Rev-Trac change control automation software for about 4 years. At the time of implementing Rev-Trac, the customer was a “Green Field” SAP installation. This meant Rev-Trac was installed with the initial SAP systems and every transport from the very first development transport created has been tracked and change controlled using Rev-Trac. I asked what some of the most valuable benefits were Rev-Trac had brought to the support team.

To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade? That is the Question!

One of the primary benefits of your support plan is to receive the latest Rev-Trac version developed by RSC – and you can always download and read about the latest new features and enhancements made to Rev-Trac and the Mobile Web GUI from the Support Portal under downloads. One new feature I found is the Parallel Development Workbench provided in v7 SPS02. I’ll provide you a high-level overview of this new feature in today’s blog.

Importance of Source Specific Migration with the Split SID Approach for Future Dual Stack Environments – Managing Changes not Transports

Often an SAP IT team needs to separate out their dual stack ABAP and JAVA SID into a multi SID application. Due to dependencies that often exist between the JAVA stack and the ABAP stack, managing individual transport dependencies will become even more complex in the future.

Transport Creation Rules vs. Migration Source Restrictions

There is often some confusion about certain Rev-Trac configuration features, and when each should be used. I want to briefly mention a couple, specifically the Transport Creation Rules and the Migration Source Restrictions, which are often accidentally used interchangeably. One is used to simplify technical transport management, and the other to enforce a change process.

Full Component Drill Down – Not an Action Adventure Movie, but a Really Helpful Rev-Trac Feature!

A feature in Rev-Trac called Full Component Drill Down (FCDD) can really save you some time. As a developer with FCDD enabled in Rev-Trac, you can go directly from a Rev-Trac request with a transport containing a program to a development system and the ABAP editor. This saves time and gives you easy access to the object.

Unavailable System Handling

Early this month I joined the RSC team at our headquarters in Melbourne to help work on Rev-Trac 7. One of my last engagements in Europe involved some issues with a customer who was experiencing volatile connectivity across one of their key landscapes, which was in a project building phase.

The issue was that the customer would approve development transports for release and migration to the QA or Pre-Production environment and TMS would return a code indicating that the system was unavailable, and in some cases would hang.

High Risk or Sensitive Object Control

I’ve been working with a customer over the last few months who has been refining their change control processes for the first time since installing Rev-Trac in 2003. Speaking to the Rev-Trac administrators, they described their Rev-Trac configuration as being … Continued