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Another Time-Saving Feature Added to Release Management Workbench!

There’s a new feature in Rev-Trac 7 that provides for cross request synchronization primarily intended for release management. Updates to the Release Management Workbench focus specifically on release and change status synchronization and adds the capability of synchronizing any request type, including non-SAP requests. Automatic Request Status Synchronization will now establish (and document) non-SAP change status synchronizations with Rev-Trac change request strategies, including release and change status synchronization.

Rev-Trac 7 Enhancement Pack – Support Package Stack 1 (RT7-SPS01)

This month, Revelation Software Concepts will be releasing the first major Rev-Trac 7 Enhancement Package, Support Package Stack 1 (RT7-SPS01). Among other things, it contains an emphasis on strengthening the Release Management Workbench, further integration of Rev-Trac with Salt, and introduces support for SAP HANA.

How Rev-Trac 7 Makes Release Management More Nimble

We’ve published the last of our four-part SAP Change Control eNews series on Release Management change strategies, and in it I provide a detailed look at how Rev-Trac 7 significantly streamlines managing change requests into releases through reducing an 11 click process down to only two. Do you know another change automation tool that can trim the clicks needed for common Release Management procedures by 80% or more? Because I haven’t run across any.

Rev-Trac 7 – A Path to the Future of ALM

The dust is starting to settle since the release of Rev-Trac 7 late 2015. Many of our customers are adopting the new features and taking advantage of the new web UI. It is our goal to have all of our customers using Rev-Trac 7 Web UI and to have implemented Salt on their Rev-Trac controlled systems in time to receive the powerful third component of the Rev-Trac Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) suite due for release late 2016.

Continuous Delivery Remains the Goal

Before the holidays, I had an opportunity to catch up with analyst Bola Rotibi and her team at Creative Intellect Consulting (CIC) when we spoke at a briefing around the recent Rev-Trac 7 launch. CIC analysts cover a wide range of Software ALM areas, from development and testing to workflow and delivery processes. They have a particular focus on continuous delivery and the importance of managing change throughout, so they were quite interested in the new release management functions in Rev-Trac 7.

Now We’re Movie Producers – Got a Minute?

We’ve been turning our automation experts into movie producers lately by tasking them to create one-minute videos called the Got A Minute series. The idea is to share with you ideas, thinking and information about SAP change control from our experience and knowledge that you are unlikely to get anywhere else.