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SAP change intelligence software providing instant visibility into SAP custom code changes

How Big is SAP Solution Manager?

That has proven to be a difficult question to answer accurately because the Solution Manager scope has been expanding over the years to cover many different functional and solution support areas.

One of the best resources to help understand the overall size and scope of Solution Manager is the recently published SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Adoption Framework. This lengthy document describes 40 different functional areas in Solution Manager 7.2. SAP also provides some rough guidelines regarding estimated efforts to implement the functionality. What struck me was the overwhelming amount of effort required when you take a closer look.

Managing Changes to Multiple SAP Applications via a Single ITSM Change Ticket

In speaking to many of our customers over the last few weeks, I am able to confirm that there is a trend towards maximum automation around SAP ALM where, increasingly, SAP IT teams are looking for ways to integrate and automate hand off and data exchange between their ALM tools. For us this has been evidenced by our customer’s increasing interest in and demand for ITSM tool set integration with Rev-Trac SAP change control automation.

Rev-Trac 7 Enhancement Pack – Support Package Stack 1 (RT7-SPS01)

This month, Revelation Software Concepts will be releasing the first major Rev-Trac 7 Enhancement Package, Support Package Stack 1 (RT7-SPS01). Among other things, it contains an emphasis on strengthening the Release Management Workbench, further integration of Rev-Trac with Salt, and introduces support for SAP HANA.

Déjà Vu at SAP TechEd – Everyone Wants to Know…

Our Salt integration with Rev-Trac (announced Monday here at SAP TechEd Las Vegas) is generating many of the same questions at our booth that I got at my recent webinar featuring our IGT Salt Case Study. How easy is Salt to install? What is the cost? That’s why I’m getting déjà vu at our booth.

Got a Minute? Successful ITSM Integration

Many SAP using companies are deploying ServiceNow’s cloud based ITSM software and so I want to discuss three key benefits of integrating ServiceNow with Rev-Trac SAP change control automation. So if you’ve got a minute, take a quick look at this 1 minute video to hear these benefits.

Instantly Compare Workbench Object Conflicts with the Rev-Trac and Salt Integration

For many years SAP organization’s have struggled with parallel object sequencing, overwrites and downgrades. Particularly parallel objects across multiple development tracks, such as an N and N+1 architecture for separate Support and Project development. Naturally, a fully-fledged change control automation software will automate the retrofit or reapplication process between Support and Project tracks, while identifying and providing options for when retrofit conflicts do arise. However, there is normally a large amount of investigation required to discover the technical impact of retrofit conflicts when deciding an appropriate course of action.

Rev-Trac Integration Available in the ServiceNow Store (and Other News From Knowledge 16)

We wrapped up a really successful presence at ServiceNow’s Knowledge 16 event last week in Las Vegas. ServiceNow has a wide-ranging set of customers and what unifies them is that IT is critical to their go-to-market strategy. ServiceNow helps them manage their IT services and keep them as trouble-free as possible. We attended the event because we’re one of the first ServiceNow Store partners, where they feature the Rev-Trac/ServiceNow integration. Officially launched at last year’s event, the ServiceNow Store is a place where people can discover and purchase apps and integrations from ServiceNow’s rapidly growing partner ecosystem.

Create a Seamless Change Delivery Process by Integrating Rev-Trac and Your ITSM Tool

Next week, I am fortunate enough to be travelling to Las Vegas for the ServiceNow Knowledge 16 conference where we will be learning about how organizations utilize ServiceNow for their ITSM needs. While Rev-Trac has been able to integrate with ServiceNow and other ITSM tools for many years, we are discovering that organizations use ServiceNow in very different ways and as such, look to integrate their change control accordingly. The two major methods for integration can be defined by those that are driven by the ITSM tool, and those driven by the change control tool, for which Rev-Trac naturally supports both methods.

Eliminating ITSM Silos in SAP Environments

Greetings from the ServiceNow Sales Kickoff Meeting!

This year’s ServiceNow Sales Kickoff event in Orlando, Florida is full of energy and excitement as ServiceNow continues their unparalleled growth by delivering industry-changing IT service management solutions. As their only certified integration partner for SAP change management, we’re also excited to extend ServiceNow to SAP environments.