SAP change control automation software for even the most complex SAP environments

SAP change intelligence software providing instant visibility into SAP custom code changes

Preventing Unplanned SAP Production Outages

It goes without saying that unplanned SAP production outages are costly. That’s why many SAP customers spend large amounts on ensuring high availability and redundancy. Eliminating single points of failure ensure continuous up time. But those infrastructures, no matter where they exist are still subject to accidental production downtime. Whether on premise or in the cloud, SAP systems are still at risk from poorly managed SAP change activities.

Technical SAP Change Mapping to Reduce Support Costs and Improve System Stability

I recently caught up with an SAP support team manager at a customer who has been using Rev-Trac change control automation software for about 4 years. At the time of implementing Rev-Trac, the customer was a “Green Field” SAP installation. This meant Rev-Trac was installed with the initial SAP systems and every transport from the very first development transport created has been tracked and change controlled using Rev-Trac. I asked what some of the most valuable benefits were Rev-Trac had brought to the support team.

What is Your Cost of Managing SAP Change?

That’s the million dollar question – and for many SAP customers, a million dollars is in the range of what it costs to manage their SAP changes each year. Based on feedback we’ve had from our customers and prospects over the years, the cost to manage SAP changes is typically in the $100 to $250 range per change. These costs are not the development, configuration and testing costs, but the overhead cost of managing SAP changes from the initial approvals and tracking, to the change being confirmed in the SAP production system.

SAP Focused Solutions for Solution Manager

As SAP is slowly transitioning its software revenues from a traditional license-plus-annual-support model to more of a subscription-based or SaaS model, Solution Manager is also undergoing a fundamental change in its licensing model. Prior to the release of SAP’s Focused Solutions for Solution Manager – named Focused Build, Focused Insights and Focused Run – SAP included right-to-use licenses for multiple SolMan applications at no additional cost. That is, as long as you are an Enterprise Support or MaxAttention customer. That is no longer the situation with SAP’s chargeable Focused Solution offerings.