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DevOps and SAP ERP: Is it Possible?

I’ve been briefing analysts these last few weeks, primarily those in the ALM, DevOps or ITSM practice areas. It’s an exercise I really enjoy. Not only does it offer an opportunity to find out what is top of mind for analysts (i.e. customers) but it also helps validate our approach to businesses and organizations.

Automation and the Evolution of Manual Testing: User Experience in DevOps

I recently read a great analogy describing Waterfall vs DevOps. While Waterfall requires the team to be driving 4X4 vehicles to deliver their change across a landscape, DevOps requires an automation evangelist to pave smooth roadways so that the delivery team can drive supercars at fast pace across the landscape. One of the keys is around user experience, which has in the past been overlooked by many organizations in the enterprise space.

HOV Lane for SAP Changes

High-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes are becoming increasingly popular as traffic congestion continues to grow in metropolitan areas around the world. Here in the US, according to Wikipedia, as of 2012 there are some 126 HOV facilities on freeways in 27 metropolitan areas in the United States, which includes over 1,000 corridor miles. So, how about an HOV lane for your SAP changes? Faster delivery of your SAP changes is becoming a necessity, but you can’t sacrifice speed for quality and proper testing.

SAP Change Management and Strategic IT Initiatives

“Not being able to see the forest because of the trees” is an idiom which is applicable to today’s world of SAP change management. Many SAP companies have intentions on moving to a more agile, continuous delivery process, but they are so caught up in managing individual changes (the trees) they can easily lose track of the bigger picture which is the coordinated delivery (forest) representing the overall value their changes are making – either high or low quality SAP changes for the business users.

Continuous Delivery Remains the Goal

Before the holidays, I had an opportunity to catch up with analyst Bola Rotibi and her team at Creative Intellect Consulting (CIC) when we spoke at a briefing around the recent Rev-Trac 7 launch. CIC analysts cover a wide range of Software ALM areas, from development and testing to workflow and delivery processes. They have a particular focus on continuous delivery and the importance of managing change throughout, so they were quite interested in the new release management functions in Rev-Trac 7.

Join Me for An Electric Cloud Panel Discussion on Continuous Delivery

Last October, our friends at Electric Cloud launched their new live-streamed “Continuous Discussions” online panel. The goal is to give the community an open forum to discuss topics related to Agile, DevOps and Continuous Delivery. I find these panels thought-provoking, and I was recently invited to participate in the February 17th panel focused on Continuous Delivery.