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Is Code Vulnerability Checking Part of Your Change Control Process?

Earlier this week I spent a day with one of our technology partners’ customers at the EPI-USE Labs user group event in Sydney. Part of the day included a presentation from David Powell, General Manager, IT Security Strategy at the National Australia Bank (NAB) around the criticality of IT security at both an individual level and at a corporate level. The presentation was both fascinating and eye opening, to say the least.

Tracking Rejections (Test Failures) During Testing

As an organization’s SAP DevOps processes mature, one would expect to find test failures being picked up earlier in the development process (‘shifting left’). Therefore tracking test failures and the reasons for the test failure is an important mechanism for management to be able to improve agility and speed of delivery. Recently while onsite with a customer, I was asked about a Rev-Trac reporting capacity for tracking rejections during the testing phase.