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Health Check Your SAP Change Control Processes

Before heading to Las Vegas this week for SAP TechEd, I have had to take my bride to the hospital. It was for one of those common check up type procedures that we have to get from time to time. As I sit here, patiently waiting, I started to think of the importance of health checks more broadly. Believe it or not, SAP change management processes came to mind.

Creating Agile Development Change Control Processes? Keep them simple!

After many years analyzing customers’ change control processes we’ve learned that no two processes are ever the same. However, I’ve noticed that when a company sets out to improve their change control processes, they tend to make them more complex than necessary. Particularly when attempting agile processes for the first time.

We’re All Unique… As Are Our Change Control Processes

My career focus over the last 21 years has primarily been SAP technical change management consulting/development across many different types of companies and projects and one thing I can say for sure, is that there is no cookie cutter, pre-built, one size fits all, canned solution to meet the needs and desires of an average SAP using customer!