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Change Approval: Not Who, But What?

I’d like to take credit for this, but can’t as I just heard it and I’m not even sure where I heard it, but it resonated with me…!

The gist of the article/conversation was that with more and more change automation being available to us, the desire for Agile change processes and the overall desire for speed of development, the comment was that going forward we should not be asking who is going to approve the change, but rather what is going to approve the change.

Is the End of the Enterprise IT System Nigh?

I very much doubt it, but with IT team’s inability to speed it up to the satisfaction of the business to meet the speed of change experience available from digital applications, the enterprise will look very different. In fact, it already does.

“Wizard Hats” for SAP?

I’ve spent many years in the SAP Change Management Automation arena. In the early days, everyone was happy with just the concept of having an automated process, period. A method to facilitate all the various approvals and separation of duties required by the typical SAP Change Management process. Today, technology has brought us so many conveniences that were still science fiction only a decade or two ago.

Basis Superheroes vs Audit Protectors

What do Basis teams do? In the SAP world, they are “above the law” so to speak with their high-levels of security and across the board access. They basically have the keys to the kingdom. They’re the main ones we depend on to handle issues as they arise and we trust them with our entire landscapes and the critical data is houses.

We’re All Unique… As Are Our Change Control Processes

My career focus over the last 21 years has primarily been SAP technical change management consulting/development across many different types of companies and projects and one thing I can say for sure, is that there is no cookie cutter, pre-built, one size fits all, canned solution to meet the needs and desires of an average SAP using customer!

SAP Change Control Automation and ALM Orchestration

In travelling and meeting with customers, prospects and partners over the last two weeks the emerging top of mind topics seem to be around lowering the cost of managing SAP changes and how to go about implementing SAP ALM orchestration. Here are some thoughts as to why.

Rick Porter Predicts

Predictions pop up wherever you look this time of year. I like to watch what analysts like IDC and Gartner forecast but use my own experience to temper my take-away. For example, IDC, in their annual IDC predicts series, notes that we’re seeing a massive expansion in our industry, and it’s not just due to the IoT (Internet of Things) but to the IoE – Internet of Everything.

2017 Journey – Swivel Chair or Automation?

During our conversations with existing and prospective SAP customers, we’ve noticed that almost all customers fall into one of four SAP change and release management profiles. 1. No ITSM automation and no SAP change control automation, 2. ITSM automation but no SAP change control automation, 3. ITSM automation and independent SAP change control automation, 4. Integrated ITSM and SAP change control automation. Do any of these profiles seem familiar for your organization?

Automation or Enforcement? You Need Both

ASUG presentations and papers are great sources of thoughtful and accurate information on current SAP strategies and trends. When I have a few spare minutes, I like to browse resources in the ASUG University just for the ideas and perspectives they offer. The other day I noted a detailed best-practices presentation by Wayne Kline and T.J. Wilson of Dublin-based Perrigo Company, on their company’s Release Management program. I was struck by how hands-on the procedures were, even with quite a lot of process automation.