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Automation and the Evolution of Manual Testing: User Experience in DevOps

I recently read a great analogy describing Waterfall vs DevOps. While Waterfall requires the team to be driving 4X4 vehicles to deliver their change across a landscape, DevOps requires an automation evangelist to pave smooth roadways so that the delivery team can drive supercars at fast pace across the landscape. One of the keys is around user experience, which has in the past been overlooked by many organizations in the enterprise space.

What is Your SAP S/4 HANA Transition Plan?

In my role at Revelation Software Concepts I regularly brief the relevant analyst community on our SAP change control automation software roadmap. Quite often, due to our specialized knowledge I get asked my thoughts on SAP’s strategic directions and on various SAP Applications.

During my most recent series of analyst briefings I faced numerous questions around the topic of SAP HANA, S/4 HANA and SAP Cloud. What I learned this time is that analysts are very keen to understand SAP customer attitudes to S/4 HANA and what their plans are to transition.

So, what are we seeing SAP customer’s doing in transitioning from SAP ERP to S/4 and how can a change control automation software like Rev-Trac help?

Change Approval: Not Who, But What?

I’d like to take credit for this, but can’t as I just heard it and I’m not even sure where I heard it, but it resonated with me…!

The gist of the article/conversation was that with more and more change automation being available to us, the desire for Agile change processes and the overall desire for speed of development, the comment was that going forward we should not be asking who is going to approve the change, but rather what is going to approve the change.

Got A Minute? SAPPHIRE NOW 2017

That’s a wrap at SAPPHIRE NOW 2017! It’s been a brilliant opportunity to learn about SAP trends, SAP roadmaps and customers plans.

Whilst on the show floor we did learn that customers are beginning to think about SAP DevOps and the path to SAP DevOps. Not surprising when almost all confessed to upcoming digital transformation projects and, of course, plans to leverage SAP HANA.

So if you’ve got a minute, take a quick look at this 1 minute video to see insights into SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP DevOps.

Will There be a SolMan 7.3?

After wrapping up another ASUG & SAPPHIRENOW Annual Conference a few weeks ago, I became obsessed with the future of SAP Solution Manager. My co-workers can attest that I have an unhealthy obsession with the history and future of SolMan. Our booth was positioned directly across from an SAP Hybris and C4C consulting company and we had some time to talk shop in between booth activity. It was interesting to understand that from their perspective, SAP’s on premise CRM is on the tail end of its lifecycle. This sentiment was echoed by other SAP partners, as in this HANA presentation where the presenter talks about upcoming demise of SAP SCM and CRM, in favor of newer applications such as Hybris. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise since SAP has notified their customers that support for ECC 6.0 will end in 2025.

The ROI for a Rev-Trac System, Process and Automation Health Check

It is quite common for customers to outsource their SAP system support to external partners or a System Integrator (SI). Last week I visited Mumbai, India to train a new System Integrator team (new SI) to support Rev-Trac on behalf of one of our larger customers. When we looked under the covers to identify how Rev-Trac change control automation was being used, we found some disturbing results.

The Future of Business IT Applications

Last week an Infographic landed on my desk illustrating recent RedHat sponsored UBM research around the future of business IT applications. What caught my eye was the way the Gartner Bi-Modal IT concept was used to describe the different kinds of IT applications in play, rather than focussing on the way the different application types were managed – perhaps the area we normally speak into.

To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade? That is the Question!

One of the primary benefits of your support plan is to receive the latest Rev-Trac version developed by RSC – and you can always download and read about the latest new features and enhancements made to Rev-Trac and the Mobile Web GUI from the Support Portal under downloads. One new feature I found is the Parallel Development Workbench provided in v7 SPS02. I’ll provide you a high-level overview of this new feature in today’s blog.

Feeling the Buzz at SAPPHIRE NOW

Just back from another SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Annual Conference and my head is filled with all the latest buzzwords. We heard much about “Digital Transformation”, “Cloud” (Public, Private and Hybrid), “Leonardo”, “DevOps”, “Agile Development” and of course “S/4 HANA”. I was a little surprised to hear so much of the “A.I.” term being widely used.

Change Control Automation and the Path to SAP DevOps

I recently came across the eBook, “Digital Transformation and the CIO: A point of view prepared by IBM and SAP” which, among other things, highlights the need for SAP IT organizations to develop systems, processes and methodologies to deliver continuous innovation for the business.