HOV Lane for SAP Changes

SAP ChangesHigh-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes are becoming increasingly popular as traffic congestion continues to grow in metropolitan areas around the world.  Here in the United States, according to Wikipedia, as of 2012 there are some 126 HOV facilities on freeways in 27 metropolitan areas in the US, which includes over 1,000 corridor miles.

So, how about an HOV lane for your SAP changes?  Faster delivery of your SAP changes is becoming a necessity, but you can’t sacrifice speed for quality and proper testing.  If you apply some intelligent automation to your processes, you can get the speed without sacrificing quality and stability.  High-volume, low-impact, standard SAP changes can, and should, have their own HOV lane. These are the types of changes which don’t touch sensitive SAP objects or business processes.  Automatic identification of these changes early in the development process coupled with automatic assignment of them to the HOV lane enables SAP IT teams to process a higher volume of changes at a faster pace with much less effort.  This HOV process also helps to free-up resources which can then concentrate on the higher-risk changes which need more testing and governance.

If you want to discuss ways to create an HOV lane for your SAP changes, reach out to us at sales@xrsc.com.  We can let you know how our customers have used Rev-Trac to create an HOV lane within their multi-lane SAP change delivery process.

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