How to Enforce Morning and Evening Project Releases

project releasesThe Rev-Trac product development strategy has always ensured backward configuration compatibility. This ensures that a customer can update from any version without any affect to their current configuration and usage. Beneficially this has meant that we always add to functionality and avoid modifying existing functionality.

The only down side to this approach is that default fields may become redundant as new functionality supersedes their use.

One example is the Project Release field. Prior to Rev-Trac 7.0, this field was used to manage the migration of releases and sub releases within a Project. However, with the inclusion of Release Management in version 7.0, the field has become less widely used.

Originally, migration jobs could be scheduled against a specified Project Release. This ensured that only changes associated with a specified Project Release would be migrated, even if subsequent Release changes were already approved for the target system. It provided the ability to approve changes when they became ready, but with control over the Release or Sub-Release deployment to production.

Recently at a customer site we discovered a great use case for the Project Release field when used in conjunction with Release Management.

Morning and Evening Project Releases

This organization required 2 different change types. Firstly, changes to be deployed in the morning. These changes having been assessed to not impact production stability. Secondly, other changes to be deployed in the evenings. Changes that couldn’t be introduced while the business is using the production system. In this case, the developer could determine whether the change required morning or evening deployment and could assign the schedule.

By defining “Morning and Evening” Project Release values and putting a completion rule in place to force the assignment before migration to QA, the organization could enforce a process which ensured the developers assigned a migration time. As soon as the change is approved for production as part of a Release via the Release Management Workbench, it is be added to the Rev-Trac migration queue. The morning job migrating the morning changes, and the evening job migrating the evening changes.

NOTE: Using CMOD, the name of the Project Release field was adjusted to match the use.

The uses for the Project Release field are not limited to the time of day, but could also be used to determine any other project specific variables such as urgency, criticality, effort, business priority or rational value which might assist in automatically filtering deployment schedules.

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