Your SAP DevOps Toolchain at SAUG Summit Sydney

DevOps ToolchainAs always, SAUG Summit is a great opportunity to catch up with customers and other Australian companies running SAP. In particular, to talk about their experiences and future plans and their progress towards automating their SAP DevOps Toolchain.

When I was walking around the exhibition hall talking to the other exhibitors, several common themes emerged. Namely, SAP DevOps, Agile Development and Digital Transformation. All reflecting the growing trend among SAP IT support teams to increase the volume of change and increase the speed at which it is delivered.

SAP DevOps Toolchain

Various infrastructure supporting software application vendors and consulting groups reported discussing implementing SAP DevOps with customers. Several other conversations with Software Vendors resulted in discussions around how they could better automate DevOps process for their customers.

Naturally, the conversation then trended towards integrations and how Rev-Trac could facilitate the same. They understood that change control automation was in fact a logical platform upon which to base a SAP DevOps Toolchain integration.

Agile development

Another hot topic was agile, which goes hand in hand with DevOps. SAP IT organizations are looking for ways to implement agile development methods utilized by other non-SAP application support teams.

When discussing our product road map with customers, prospects and partner vendors/consultants, our product is clearly aligned with market trends. Recently released and near term planned features do, and will further help teams progress towards even aggressive agile development goals.

Digital transformation

As expected the other major focus of conversation was around digital transformation projects and those planning them (or not). “Digital Transformation” for SAP IT teams generally implies an S/4 HANA implementation. Although some industries are moving in this direction, such as retail, others are holding back until S/4 functionality better meets the current need.

With RSC currently working with several customers on their “Digital Transformation” to S/4 HANA at the moment, we were able to share a number of useful insights too.

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