Challenging Processes

ProcessesIt’s safe to say the end-user perspective for SAP change management is that the change and approval processes are indeed challenging.  They’re challenging to learn, execute, change, audit, and so on. Over time as SAP systems and landscapes have become more complex, so have the associated change and approval processes.

In some organizations, the time to complete the approval and documentation process takes longer than the time required to create and test the new change.

Does that sound familiar?

If the answer is yes, that’s a clear signal to take a look at updating your processes.

So, how do you challenge your existing SAP change management processes to be better?

The first step is to map them out. Identify the applications and people involved. You’ll probably be surprised at all the different steps, applications, emails, people and documentation involved.  Take thirty minutes one day to write down your current SAP change management processes from the initial request, through development and testing, to import/validation in the production systems.

The second step is to review them with the SAP teams to determine if they can be simplified and standardized.  If there’s agreement that the processes should be updated, you have the makings of a Lean Six Sigma or similar process improvement project – which can pay great dividends.

We’ve been through this many times, so if you want to discuss how to make your processes less challenging – and more productive – send us an email at

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