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SAP Change Management – “Do it right the first time”

I’m not sure about you but I think I heard this phrase, or similar variations, hundreds of times from my parents. I believe the entire quote is “If something is worth doing, do it right the first time.” Eventually, I saw the wisdom in this simple saying. After all, who wants to have to do things over again – and the larger the project, the larger the effort to do it a second or third time.

Eliminating ITSM Silos in SAP Environments

Greetings from the ServiceNow Sales Kickoff Meeting!

This year’s ServiceNow Sales Kickoff event in Orlando, Florida is full of energy and excitement as ServiceNow continues their unparalleled growth by delivering industry-changing IT service management solutions. As their only certified integration partner for SAP change management, we’re also excited to extend ServiceNow to SAP environments.

Methods for Automatically Reapplying Support Changes to a Parallel Project Track

Last week, I visited a customer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to assist with the Rev-Trac configuration for the addition of a parallel project development track to their existing SAP support development track. During the setup, we had some interesting debates about methods for reapplying their support changes to the project track systems.