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Why businesses should focus on product evolution

Apple started a revolution with the concept of an app on the first iPhone. It has been interesting to see the impact it has had on different organizations’ product evolution.

When I turned on my first iPhone, I was confused. The phone function is just an app now. How does it get the same amount of real estate as the calendar? A different app for messaging and another for Internet – this was revolutionary.

3 ways SAP IT teams can deliver on their organization’s digital transformation strategy

Lately, almost every SAP IT team member I speak to is telling me that their organization has a digital transformation strategy. Things like DevOps, Agile and Continuous Delivery are top of mind. However, many are still grappling with ways to increase change velocity, maintain quality and deliver at the rate business demands.

DevOps and SAP ERP: Is it Possible?

I’ve been briefing analysts these last few weeks, primarily those in the ALM, DevOps or ITSM practice areas. It’s an exercise I really enjoy. Not only does it offer an opportunity to find out what is top of mind for analysts (i.e. customers) but it also helps validate our approach to businesses and organizations.