SAP change control automation software for even the most complex SAP environments

SAP change intelligence software providing instant visibility into SAP custom code changes

Basis Superheroes vs Audit Protectors

What do Basis teams do? In the SAP world, they are “above the law” so to speak with their high-levels of security and across the board access. They basically have the keys to the kingdom. They’re the main ones we depend on to handle issues as they arise and we trust them with our entire landscapes and the critical data is houses.

What is Your Cost of Managing SAP Change?

That’s the million dollar question – and for many SAP customers, a million dollars is in the range of what it costs to manage their SAP changes each year. Based on feedback we’ve had from our customers and prospects over the years, the cost to manage SAP changes is typically in the $100 to $250 range per change. These costs are not the development, configuration and testing costs, but the overhead cost of managing SAP changes from the initial approvals and tracking, to the change being confirmed in the SAP production system.

Importance of Source Specific Migration with the Split SID Approach for Future Dual Stack Environments – Managing Changes not Transports

Often an SAP IT team needs to separate out their dual stack ABAP and JAVA SID into a multi SID application. Due to dependencies that often exist between the JAVA stack and the ABAP stack, managing individual transport dependencies will become even more complex in the future.

Got A Minute? Two-Speed IT – Closing The Gap

You may have heard of the term ‘Two-Speed IT’ where the enterprise ‘back-end’ can run at one speed and the ‘front-end’ digital applications can run at another, faster speed.

So if you’ve got a minute, take a quick look at this 1 minute video to see what SAP support and project teams will need to consider to close the two-speed IT gap.

We’re All Unique… As Are Our Change Control Processes

My career focus over the last 21 years has primarily been SAP technical change management consulting/development across many different types of companies and projects and one thing I can say for sure, is that there is no cookie cutter, pre-built, one size fits all, canned solution to meet the needs and desires of an average SAP using customer!

SAP Focused Solutions for Solution Manager

As SAP is slowly transitioning its software revenues from a traditional license-plus-annual-support model to more of a subscription-based or SaaS model, Solution Manager is also undergoing a fundamental change in its licensing model. Prior to the release of SAP’s Focused Solutions for Solution Manager – named Focused Build, Focused Insights and Focused Run – SAP included right-to-use licenses for multiple SolMan applications at no additional cost. That is, as long as you are an Enterprise Support or MaxAttention customer. That is no longer the situation with SAP’s chargeable Focused Solution offerings.

OOPS – Quarantine Housekeeping Tips

Just like servicing a car, or painting a house, Rev-Trac will require occasional upkeep to ensure ongoing brilliant performance. Due to the nature of fast moving businesses with requirements changing priority, experiencing delay or sometimes being cancelled altogether, the modern SAP shop leveraging Agile and CICD techniques will eventually find abandoned transports remaining in their non-production systems.

SAP Change Control Automation and ALM Orchestration

In travelling and meeting with customers, prospects and partners over the last two weeks the emerging top of mind topics seem to be around lowering the cost of managing SAP changes and how to go about implementing SAP ALM orchestration. Here are some thoughts as to why.