Revelation Software Concepts Executives

David Drake – Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Australia-based David Drake formed Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) in 1997 as a privately funded company. His express purpose was to develop and support software that would simplify the complex task of managing SAP software changes and project developments. He was the original developer of RSC’s flagship product, Rev-Trac and the key concept designer behind Salt. Now in version 6.0, Rev-Trac has consistently reflected David’s original vision of a highly automated change management solution for SAP enterprise systems of any size. Salt has extended this vision into simplifying the way SAP object code versions are viewed and understood.

Prior to founding RSC, David honed his own programming knowledge and leadership skills as a programming team leader. During this time he acquired great skill with SAP ABAP/4. He has worked with SAP applications of all types since 1987 and developed a deep understanding of SAP change control requirements. He also studied market needs as they related to SAP change management software requirements. He realized that, as dependence grew on SAP-based solutions to keep information flowing and accessible, the need for a tightly integrated change management technology would grow rapidly.

Rick Porter – Vice President Business Development

Rick Porter joined Revelation Software Concepts in 2001 at a time when RSC’s technology was poised for mainstream adoption. Rick brought over 10 years of international business development and strategic channel strategy execution for Australian-based and other multi-national companies across a range of industries from Data Networking to Process Engineering and Manufacturing.

In addition to establishing RSC’s innovative channel and partner strategy which he expanded into Europe, the United States, United Kingdom, South America and South Africa, over the past 12 years he has built an effective sales and marketing team which has played a major role in Rev-Trac and Salt being recognized by many in the SAP ecosystem as the market leading SAP change control technology available today.

A native of Australia, Rick holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Monash University and a Masters in Business (Marketing) from RMIT University.

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David Gordon – Chief Information Officer

David Gordon joined Revelation Software Concepts in 2009 as the company’s senior technology executive, bringing over 17 years of technology management experience gained through his commercial experience in IT within a diverse range of Blue Chip companies locally and abroad, including Banking and Finance, Retail Utilities, Oil and Gas, IT, Manufacturing, Construction and Telecoms.

Having gained an extensive knowledge of various IT components including programming languages, design techniques, operating systems, hardware and systems architecture, connectivity methods, databases, ERP systems and internet technologies, David has a high level understanding of the IT service management function within many types of environments while ensuring the smooth adoption of ITIL methods and principles by the businesses he has served.

Originally from Scotland, David holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Napier University, Edinburgh.

Wendy Marris – Chief Finance Officer

Wendy Marris first joined Revelation Software Concepts in 2007 as a finance consultant. She has officially become part of the team as CFO in 2014. Wendy brings over 20 years of finance expertise, having held leadership positions in both the corporate and not for profit world. Wendy has also succeeded in running her own accounting business, delivering specialized accounting, tax compliance and finance services across a range of industries.

With a strong background in IT and SAP in both Australian-based and other multi-national companies, Wendy is uniquely placed to steer the finance department of Revelation Software Concepts.

Wendy holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from RMIT Melbourne and is a qualified CPA Public Practitioner.

Dan McGrann – Director, Strategic Accounts – Americas and Europe

Dan McGrann joined Revelation Software Concepts in 2015 as the Director of Strategic Accounts for the Americas and the UK. With more than 20 years of experience in Sales Management in enterprise software and IT infrastructure, Dan offers an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s CIO, particularly in the area of SAP change management, cross platform integration trends, and Dev/Ops best practices.

Dan is also responsible for leading RSC’s steadily expanding partner ecosystem, establishing relationships with synergistic organizations crucial to creating strategic Dev/Ops initiatives among SAP-using enterprises; a high priority as companies continue to seek competitive advantage. In this role, Dan works with RSC’s strategic customers to ensure they realize the most value out of their investment in RSC software solutions and software partnerships.

Dan holds a BA in Management Science from Shippensburg University and an M.B.A from Drexel University.

Damien Markwell – Director, Strategic Accounts – Asia Pacific and EMEA

Damien Markwell is the Director of Strategic Accounts for Revelation Software Concepts Asia Pacific and EMEA Regions. Having joined RSC in 2004 and with more than 20 years of executive-level experience in managing global sales teams, Damien has played a key role in developing channels and driving sales year after year. Damien has a comprehensive understanding of the sales process for large complex ERP (SAP) software, specializing in SAP Change Control and Compliance.

He is passionate about selling, and building RSC’s global sales and channel teams. In his current role, Damien is responsible for Asia Pacific & EMEA sales and channel activities; driving revenue growth and supporting partnership development as he helps expand RSCs’ footprint into new markets.

Chris Drake – Head of Product Management

Chris Drake joined Revelation Software Concepts in 2007 on the front line in Customer Support. For the past five years he has worked in the field as an implementation consultant where he gained an intimate knowledge of the concerns and priorities customers have from both user and strategic decision-maker standpoints.

The relationships built and insights gained in this role afforded Chris a strong foundation for determining product direction and ensures that the C-level and product development understand what the markets need.

Fiona Quill – Head of Marketing

Fiona Quill joined Revelation Software Concepts in May 2017 as Head of Global Marketing. In her role, Fiona is responsible for all aspects of RSC’s marketing plan, from marketing strategy to execution. Fiona brings extensive experience in the software and technology industry in a variety of marketing roles. As marketing continues to transform, alignment of RSC’s brand strategy across all digital and social platforms alongside RSC’s physical presence across industry events are crucial to engaging customers across the entire RSC product line.

Fiona attributes her marketing success to her passion for staying attuned with current and emerging marketing platforms, her time management skills, and ability to quickly understand the value new technologies bring to specific markets. This, together with her ability to form strong relationships with customers and stakeholders allows her to design effective marketing programs that expand the company’s reach.

Fiona holds a bachelor degree in Business Management from Swinburne University Melbourne.

Adam Cleversley – Development Lead

Adam Cleversley joined Revelation Software Concepts in 2003 as an ABAP developer with a focus on developing and supporting RSC’s flagship SAP Change Control and Automation product, Rev-Trac. Adam has a keen understanding that Rev-Trac customers need to innovate through SAP end-to-end implementations and the role Rev-Trac can play in today’s new Dev/Ops-driven environments. As RSC’s development lead, Adam has both expanded his role to lead this effort while mentoring RSC’s ABAP teams to always maintain high standards of software quality.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Computing from Monash University.

Chris Carruthers – Development Lead

Chris Carruthers joined Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) in 2007 as a Junior Java Developer, initially focused on RSC’s SAP change intelligence initiatives. As a new addition to the team Chris rapidly added SAP development and change management skills to his repertoire, as well as expanding RSC’s non-ABAP capabilities and products into new areas. During this time, Chris also worked closely with sales in both pre- and –post-sale customer support providing valuable insights into product roadmap development.

After a decade of innovation with RSC’s flagship product Rev-Trac, Chris leads development efforts across RSC’s entire product portfolio, guiding and mentoring RSC’s non-ABAP teams, ensuring quality software delivery, as well as developing and implementing future product directions.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Software) from The University of Melbourne.