Revelation Software Concepts
World Leaders in Simplifying SAP Change Control

Revelation Software Concepts have been developing and supporting SAP change control and change management software for over 10 years and our purpose built product, Rev-Trac, is SAP certified.

Many of Rev-Trac's users are running 50, 60 and some well over 100 SAP instances with a number of these managing tens of thousands of transport migrations per month.

  • Control each and every change from concept to productive use
  • Implement and enforce your own unique change control processes
  • Manage SAP change release programs efficiently and effectively
  • Significantly reduce manual effort and downstream collision risks
  • Eliminate human transport sequencing errors
  • Manage cross application dependencies and transport synchronizations
  • Significantly reduce cost per change

“'World leaders in simplifying SAP change control' accurately describes both where the company sees itself and its focus on a single, yet complex and business critical issue, managing change control.”

Ian Murphy, Principal Analyst
Bola Rotibi, Research Director
Creative Intellect Consulting